Yesterday, Cenk Uygur, host and co-founder with online liberal progressive newscaster The Young Turks, featured reporting by Raw Story that it "appears likely" that President Donald Trump got the idea, as previously featured by Blasting News, that former President Barack Obama had ordered the then-candidate's offices in Trump Tower in Manhattan to be wiretapped from "right-wing news sites" Breitbart and InfoWars. Both outlets were described to have "ran with the wiretap story" last week, despite lacking evidence supporting the allegations.

Breibart was the former home of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who served as the publication's executive chair, before Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Blasting News has featured reports with regard to Bannon's fondness for the novel "The Camp of the Saints," described as "shockingly racist" by conservative political commentator Linda Chavez, among others. Cenk Uygur has expressed agreement with Chavez's assessment of the book.

President Trump appears to be a fan of Alex Jones, InfoWars

The TYT founder noted that there are now "dozens" of references to the president receiving information via InfoWars. Uygur listed some of the views of InfoWars' Alex Jones with regard to "90 percent of the world" being "killed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers," and that real problems faced by modern civilization include aliens and the devil. The host stated that "this is the kind of information" that Donald Trump is listening to, and called the president a "full-blown idiot."

Uygur played a clip featuring Alex Jones, compiled by Vice, in order to give viewers a sense of the InfoWars host's stability.

The clip featured Jones exploding on air, many times, speaking about stomping someone's head in a highly agitated voice, before his demeanor changed completely, and he offered an apology to his listeners. Another clip featured Jones exclaiming about people who are a "group of cowards!" before apologizing to his listeners again, saying "excuse me."

Jones: 'It's not human intelligence!'

After the Alex Jones clip played, Cenk Uygur pondered whether or not Jones' act is a show, or if he "really can't control himself." The host offered the opinion that self-control appears to be something that Jones needs further work on.

Cenk Uygur keeps audio clips of Jones, and others, saying outrageous and noteworthy things that he can access on demand via a panel beside his desk in the TYT studio, among them is the InfoWars host declaring "It's not human intelligence!"

Alex Jones infamously crashed a live TYT set at the 2016 Republican National Convention, after concocting a story that a TYT producer had invited Jones and Trump adviser Roger Stone to visit.

After filming one of their own staff inviting Jones and Stone onto the TYT set, to make it appear to viewers as if a real invitation might have occurred, the pair barged onto the stage, and began berating Uygur, and fellow TYT host Ana Kasparian. The incident ended with a shouting match and a large crowd of people milling about the TYT stage.