President Trump's long awaited executive order on #climate change was signed on Tuesday. The order effectively extinguishes and mitigates most of President Barack Obama’s promising climate change efforts and also points to a revival of the coal industry whilst also relinquishing American support of international efforts to curb global warming.

Under Trump's new move, the United States has no objective to meet the commitments Obama made to reduce and manage noxious greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Instead China, with its city perimter forests and solar powered cities, will inherit the Obama-era mantle as green energy leader.

Trashing the Clean Power Plan

#President Trump on Tuesday embarked on the lengthy process of nullifying and rewriting the Obama-era #Clean Power Plan through the EPA. The new Trump executive order also gravely illustrates the Trump administration's #drastic denial of climate change and turns this denial into a searing national policy, one that many disagree with.

And now, in a drastic role reversal from just five years ago, the Chinese are replacing the US as the leaders in environmental global stewardship. Subsequently, many are criticizing Trump for missing out on potential jobs in this new #green energy industry that could become a blossoming growth sector in the next ten years.

All through his ambitious and astonishing campaign for presidency, Trump repeated that Obama's emphasis on American leadership in the global climate change battle would be relinquished, as American jobs in the energy industry – meaning mostly coal – would take center stage.

Obama's much-admired Clean Power Plan aimed to close a large swathe of coal-fired power plants throughout the US, replacing them with new sources of green energy such as wind farms and other state of the art technology, and that was meant to create a lot of jobs.

But Trump's commitment to his version of #energy industry jobs has been touted as something that would benefit America's work force and make America great again.

Of course, many wonder if a country can be 'great' whilst the environment is causing chaos and havoc with food shortages and floods.

With his ordering to move forward with the #Clean Power Plan rollback, many climate specialists and scientists uttered in amazement. This, as green businesses and energy diplomats sought to make moves to fill the stark vacuum left by the exit of the globe’s second-biggest climate polluter, the United States.

it's yet another sign that the US is shifting its strategies and alliances in the international and policy world.

Pulling America away from the #global fight against climate change – one that many Republicans have been criticized for denying – has been the one move that Trump has successfully accomplished in his wishy washy tenure. His travel ban has been fought, his healthcare bill was a wash and some of his cabinet has had to give up their positions for suspected roiling with Russia.

The vacuum left by the US on global climate standards is the issue that really has critics talking. “There are countless countries ready to step up and deliver on their climate promises and take advantages of Mr.

Trump’s short-termism to reap the benefits of the transition to the low-carbon economy,” Laurence Tubiana, one of the main negotiators of the #Paris agreement in 2015 said.

The Paris Agreement

The main goal of the Paris accord is to keep global temperatures from rising beyond #3.6 degrees, after which scientists write that the earth will be irretrievably stalled in a frightening series of harsh droughts, debilitating floods, rising sea levels and crisis food shortages that could mess with world economies and start wars. The epoch changing 2015 accord committed nearly every country to lower their planet-warming emissions. Obama pledged that the United States would absolutely slash its noxious atmospheric emissions in the range of 26 percent between 2005 and 2025. Living and working by the Clean Power Plan was necessary to meeting that promising target.