#Barack Obama in his eight years at the President of the United State's of America made pioneering inroads into climate change and the #green energy sectors. He rallied the nation to support climate action with purpose and he went beyond the obligations of the country's energy standards to deliver an inspiring and meaningful change to global warming issues.

Obama said, in June 2015, that America would continue to support and encourage American leadership in #clean energy expertise and technology and that America would look to using green technologies, such as renewables, efficient natural gas, nuclear, and clean coal.

In 2014, President Obama created and signed an agreement between the US and #China to restrict and curb both nation's #harmful emissions, and it was greeted with applause from the rest of the world. This pact, one signed by the two biggest contributors to pollution, helped create momentum for the creation and execution of the 2015 Paris climate accord, a meaningful step toward global cooling.