Pitching on the hill seems to be over for #President Trump as Republican leaders delayed the health care vote on Thursday. Unable to reach enough support needed to pass the bill, GOP members in Congress have become split down the middle. Concessions do not seem to be enough, as members continue to disagree with aspects of the bill.

All cards on the table

Trump has now placed an ultimatum on GOP House members who are still unsure. Trump plans to move on from the bill, if House members continue to go against it. This brings a big risk going forward as it is not clear if Thursday night’s meeting will bring enough support for the bill.

Speaker of the House #Paul Ryan told reporters that the bill will go forward for a vote. Ryan has joined Trump, putting all cards on the table for the morning vote.

"We have been promising the American people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it’s collapsing and it’s failing families, and tomorrow we’re proceeding," Ryan said. Bypassing questions about member votes.

It's do or die for the GOP

Throughout the campaign, Trump continued the Republican cry for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare. Trump's deal-making skills have shown very little results within the past week.

Repealing and replacing is crucial for the GOP as they move forward.

Trump's success is expected to bring a necessary wave, something the administration is in desperate need of in light of recent events. A failure on this vote is expected to hurt proposed bills down the road.

A long road ahead

A large bloc of members blocking the path is the House Freedom Caucus. Members within this bloc have become wary of the bill.

Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows told Reuters that it has been tough getting the 'yes.'

"I am desperately trying to get to ‘yes’ and I think the president knows that. I told him that personally," Meadows said. After Thursday night’s meeting, Meadows is still a 'no' -- a sign that members of the Freedom Caucus are still not in agreement with the proposed bill.

Roadblocks must be avoided

If House members are able to succeed with the health care vote, this may quell the markets. A necessary sign as the markets have roared for the pro-business president. If the bills' vote does not go forward, the markets are expected to react to the possibility of more roadblocks. Jake Dollarhide told Reuters that anymore delays may have devastating effects.

"If this thing gets materially delayed or if we get a 'no' vote, we're going to see a horrific market reaction. But if they vote in the morning and it passes, we'll have a hell of a rally," Dollarhide said.

Trump's chances of succeeding in a second round have yet to be seen. Current expectations do not look good for a President who needs this bill, among others, to keep the train rolling. Time will tell how this vote will affect GOP results.