Quinnipiac University released its latest presidential poll on Wednesday and the news for President Donald Trump was not good. And it is getting worse for him because the respected pollster found that Trump's support among Republicans, white voters and men is rapidly eroding. The poll confirms an earlier Gallup Daily Presidential Tracking poll which showed Trump with the worst approval rating of any president at this point in their term. Trump scored a stunningly negative 37 – 56 percent approval rating from the American voters, the worst score in his first sixty-plus days.

It gets worse with Trump rapidly losing support among his strongest and most loyal base of Republicans, white voters, and men. Republican support slipped from 91 – 5 percent two weeks ago to a loss of 10 points to 81 – 14 percent. White voters now disapprove of him by a margin of 44 – 50 percent, compared with an earlier positive approval at 49 – 45 percent. Men also have turned on Trump from an "earlier approval" of 49 – 45 percent to a "disapproval" of 43 – 52 percent.

Trump support erodes equally across the board

Among women, the disapproval is 60 – 31 percent and even more among Democrats who disapprove by 90 – 6 percent. Amond other groups, independents disapprove 60 – 31 and non-white voters disapprove by 75 – 16 percent.

Tim Malloy, the assistant director of Quinnipiac Polling said the slippage among his "base" is most alarming with men without a college degree having doubts about Trump.

American voters say Trump is not honest

73 percent of voters say Trump makes statements that are false and without evidence 'very often' and 'somewhat often.' American voters also are questioning the honesty of the president.

On the issue of the charge from Trump that Obama "wiretapped" him and the Trump Tower, only 19 percent believe that the charge, compared with 70 percent who do not believe it. Among Republicans, it is virtually even at 41-39 percent. The Quinnipiac Poll also showed the majority of American voters disapprove Trump's handling of major issues facing the nation.