As unease grows over Team Trump's ability to handle #international diplomacy, many are wondering what will come form a meeting the President had with his chilliest critic yet.

trump met with #German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time just outside the West Wing on Friday and the two managed to publicly disagree on almost every topic they covered in their hostile conversation.

What began with a warm welcome turned positively chilly as Trump opened up the news conference with a blow to #Merkel regarding her open-door refugee policy.

Saying that 'immigration is a privilege, not a right,' #Trump resorted to his plan to keep the country safe before letting in immigrants.

Trump also pressured Merkel to live up to its #NATO commitments, emphasizing that US allies needed to pay more for their fair share of defense.

#Merkel then shot back with her belief that it is always more favorable to 'talk to one another and not about one another'. She was clearly referring to his disparaging statements about her that he voiced in the election process.

As the conversation came to a close, #Trump declared that they do indeed have something in common. He then implied that they were both wiretapped by Obama's administration.