On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump addressed Congress for the first time since being elected. During the speech, Trump singled out the widow of Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens, who died earlier this year in a botched raid in Yemen.

Spicer questioned

Over the last week, the recent raid in Yemen where Ryan Owens lost his life has been the focus of many debates. The mission was an attempt to extract as much information about al-Qaeda as possible, but it didn't go exactly as planned. While 14 members of the Islamic terrorist group were killed, up to as many as 30 civilians lost their lives in addition to Owens.

Last week, Owens father, Bill Owens, called out Donald Trump, referring to the mission as "stupid," and reportedly didn't want to meet him or shake the president's hand during the funeral. When the former host of "The Apprentice" brought Owen's widow, Carryn Owens, to his speech to Congress, it appears to have created even more issues. As reported by the Washington Examiner on March 1, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was forced to deal with a new set of allegations.

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sean Spicer was asked whether or not Donald Trump used Carryn Owens as "prop" in an attempt to make the botched Yemen raid appear like a success.

"It was she who accepted the invitation," Spicer said, before adding, "I think she has a right to honor the sacrifice and legacy of her husband."

"If that's the criticism that people have, they have a right to it in this country," Sean Spicer continued, while also adding, "I would also suggest that we have a right to honor the sacrifice that (Owens) made." "You can say what you want about a number of policies," he continued, but also stated people should "support not just Ryan's sacrifice, but recognize what she's going to go through, what her children are going to go through."


During his speech, Donald Trump turned and looked at Carryn Owens, before claiming that the raid that took place helped obtained vital information about al-Qaeda.

Despite Trump's claim, NBC News reported just hours before the president appeared in Congress that the raid in question "yielded no significant intelligence," which contradicts with what was said during the speech.