It was just over a week ago that Donald Trump took to Twitter and accused former President Barack Obama of engaging in the alleged Wiretapping of his offices at Trump Tower. Since then, the White House has not released any evidence to back up the claim, and it doesn't appear like they will be doing so at any point in the near future.

Spicer on wiretapping

With the scandal continuing to grow linking members of the Donald Trump administration to Russia, the president was forced to make a bold move and shift the conversation in a different direction.

After taking shots at Democratic leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the former host of "The Apprentice" then turned his attention to Barack Obama. Without evidence, Trump went on a multiple-tweet rant last weekend and accused the former commander in chief of bugging his office in Trump Tower. Obama denied the allegations in a statement, and the House Intelligence Committee requested proof from the White House, with a deadline of Monday to release the information. These issues were discussed during the March 13 press briefing.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was grilled on whether or not Donald Trump would finally release proof of the aforementioned wiretapping claims, and if the president would comply with the House Intelligence Committee request.

Spicer was pressed by both ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega and CBS News' Major Garrett. "I want you to clarify your answer to Major's question,” Vega said, before asking "so will the DOJ and/or the administration comply with the deadline?" "You can', don' can't..because...," Spicer said, as he stumbled to get to his answer out.

"It's interesting in the past, whenever we've had these conversations with another agency the accusations with the press corps is that we are interfering in something."

Sean Spicer continued, telling the media they "can’t have it both ways," in how they cover the White House.

In response, Celilia Vega didn't hold back, and went back to get original question about Donald Trump. "This is a tweet from the president," Vega pointed out, before asking, "Doesn’t the president have an obligation?" Spicer continued to dance around the question, and never gave a straight answer about when, or if, evidence will be produced to validate the wiretapping claim. However, Spicer did admit that the president doesn't really believe that Obama personally "went up and tapped his phones."

Conway struggles

In addition to Sean Spicer's comments and the previous tweets from Donald Trump, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway once again has found herself in controversy.

During an interview with the USA Today on Sunday, Conway suggested that Obama might have used TVs and microwaves to spy on Trump, but has since pushed back at the report, calling it "fake news," and saying that it took her words out of context.