Over the last week and a half, Donald Trump has done his best to deflect from the growing scandal in his administration over the possible infiltration of Russian influence. After Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his Trump Tower offices, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway responded with allegations that went to the next level.

MSNBC on Conway

Just days after the Washington Post ran a story uncovering that current Attorney General Jeff Sessions had spoken with the Russian ambassador during the election, the White House was forced to find a way to shift the conversation.

In response, Donald Trump used his Twitter account to lash out at the media and the Democrats, with the most notable attack being directed at Barack Obama over his alleged wiretapping inside Trump Tower. After a week of failing to produce any evidence to back up his claim, Kellyanne Conway spoke to the USA Today over the weekend, and hinted that Obama might have used "television sets" or secret cameras disguised as "microwaves" to spy on the president. This issue was discussed during the March 13 edition of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

After playing a clip of Kellyanne Conway denying she made the aforementioned comments in relation to the Obama wiretapping conspiracy, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski was left nearly speechless.

After staring blankly for a moment, Brzezinski responded accordingly, stating, "that was awful." "She's really...It speaks for itself, America," Brzezinski continued, before adding, "Come on, now."

Not stopping there, Mika Brzezinski continued her response moments later, and didn't appear hopeful about the future of the country with people like Kellyanne Conway in the White House.

"It’s really awful," the MSNBC host said, before noting, "It’s very, very, sad what’s happening." "Everybody has to sort of let the story speak for itself and understand the story a time goes by," she continued, while adding, "I just hope not too much time goes by."

Lack of proof

While Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway continue to defend the allegations of wiretapping against Barack Obama, no information has been released to verify the claims made.

The House Intelligence Committee did file request with the White House that called for proof to be submitted, giving them a Monday deadline to produce the evidence. As of press time, Trump has not offered a response.