Just a week after Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of finding a way engage in the wiretapping of Trump Tower, one of his top advisers is adding to the conspiracy. After Conway made questionable comment on the issue during a recent interview, even a host on Fox News appears to have had enough.

Fox News on Conway

President Donald Trump needed to find a way to deflect media attention away from the possible scandal in his administration linking the White House to Russia, and did so by targeting Barack Obama. Trump went on a Twitter tirade last weekend, claiming, without evidence, that the former commander in chief bugged his Trump Tower offices, while comparing Obama to Richard Nixon.

Since then, no proof has been released to substantiate the allegations, but that hasn't stopped members of his administration from backing off the claims in question. Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway spoke with the USA Today over the weekend, and appeared to hint that the Obama administration used televisions sets and microwaves disguised as cameras to spy on the former host of "The Apprentice." Backlash quickly followed, with Conway being mocked by nearly all of the mainstream media, which was on display during a March 13 segment on Fox News.

While running a segment on the baseless wiretapping conspiracy, Fox News host Shepard Smith called out and trolled Kellyanne Conway over her comments.

"Kellyanne Conway, whom we really don’t quote much anymore because, well, history," Smith said, while citing Conway's recent comments to USA Today.

"Microwaves do not turn into cameras.

Fox News can now confirm microwaves heat food," Shepard Smith pointed out, before mockingly noting that "cameras take pictures, microphones don’t have cameras, and microphones cannot turn into cameras." In conclusion, Smith jokingly confirmed that Fox News was able to verify the information he listed.

Conway speaks

In response the backlash she received from her remarks, Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter to lash out.

Conway referred to the USA Today as "fake news," appearing to call the newspaper out for taking her words out of context. Conway also appeared on CNN and "Good Morning American" on Monday in an attempt to defend herself, but the damage had already been done, only adding to the controversy that surrounds the former Trump campaign manager.