White House press secretary Sean Spicer, is catching heat. He is being parodied by late night television and Saturday night live. He is high strung and gets really excited when, as when answering questions regarding the Muslim ban On CNN, Don Lemon spent most of his show, discussing Spicer and replaying his most recent press conference, of March 16th, 2017. The truth is whether you agree with him or not, Mr. Spicer is doing exactly he was paid to do. And that is defending his boss.

The Press Secretary is a White House senior official. He is spokesperson the President of the United States.

His assignment is communicating to the public what is going on in the Oval office. And also relating to the president, information regarding world events. Sean Spicer is supposed to represent, and defend his boss. And this has him in hot water.

Just doing his job

Spicer was asked in the recent press conference why President Trump will not admit that former president Obama, did not have Trump Towers wiretapped. The press secretary continued to defend the POTUS. And would not answer direct questions. Truthfully no one should have expected him to.

Had the Press Secretary said there was no evidence of Barack Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, he would have been biting the hand that feeds him. When you examine his job description and understand his role, you realize that he is not lying to the American people.

The Press Secretary is protecting the POTUS. And for that, he is being trolled on twitter, blasted on Facebook and catching heat, all over the nation.

Difficult position indeed

Sean Spicer is indeed in a high-powered, stressful and difficult position. He must stand in front of the press and have an attitude of, "This is my story, and I am sticking to it." Day after day he is criticized and scrutinized.

The Press Secretary is dealing with a damned if you do, damned if you don't environment. He has chosen thus far, to stay the course and defend the president. And for this, he will no doubt continue to be trolled and ridiculed.