David Rockefeller really loved to live. He had numerous surgeries; some say that he had his heart transplanted seven times. However, no matter how rich we are, no one can live forever. That is why we have to try to make the best of our lives, do good and have people remember us for our noble deeds. As for David and his ancestors, they didn't exactly manage to do that.

Rockefeller died two days ago at the age of 101, and this news shocked the world. Throughout his life, the famous businessman did a lot of things that were frowned upon, and even after his death, he will remain one of the most controversial figures in the history.

Secret relations, secret connection, secret links

David Rockefeller’s family had many secrets. There was evidence of the involvement of the family Rockefeller in some of the most important political decisions in American history, about their deep and mysterious connection with the CIA. The Rockefellers also had connections to many politicians, in the US, and the world, and many more dark and suspicious things. David Rockefeller passed away, but his family still has enormous wealth and they pull many strings.

The Rockefeller family was extremely hated in the early 1900's, and for a reason! They had to hire several guards to protect them in their apartments because people called them thieves, murderers of women and children, complete liars and manipulators, etc.

The family was accused of unscrupulous enrichment. They didn't believe in minimal wages and they believed each worker, man, woman or a child, should earn as much as they are worth. Furthermore, their workers lived in fear after they sent armed men to stop a rebellion in Ludlow, where they killed eleven children, two women and a couple of men.

Since they had a bad history with the workers, they needed good news in the media. That is why they started their own magazine and teamed up with an influential publisher Hearst, to publish good things about Rockefeller's and lie about their rivals.

Rockefeller charity foundation is a big lie

Though they are often connected with charity events and foundations, even that side of the family was sordid.

They placed huge amounts of money in the foundations, but used it for private causes and in that way avoided paying taxes. During David Rockefeller's life, a lot of secrets came to light, and he was put in the spotlight after his death, which will most likely cause more secrets to come out.

Anyhow, David Rockefeller and his family will represent a symbol of wealth for many years and many generations to come.