President Donald Trump has eight grandchildren, but none of them belong to his son, Eric Trump. That is about to change. Eric and his wife, Lara, are expecting their first child in September. Then the president will have nine grandchildren. Eric and Lara told People magazine on Monday, March 20 that they are expecting a son. Eric also tweeted the happy news. He says they are blessed.

Eric and Lara Trump

The 33-year-old businessman is really excited especially since he found out the good news on his birthday on January 6. He and Lara waited until she was in her second trimester before making a public announcement.

The 33-year-old former "Inside Edition" producer is feeling well now, but she said at first she was exhausted a lot. She related that she is not nervous about being a first-time mother. She and Eric wanted to have their own children since they are always around their nieces and nephews. The couple says they have had lots of practice babysitting them.

The couple dated for six years before they got married in November 2014. Now that they are expecting their own child, they are already thinking about a name. Eric says they love the name Charlie, but that's what they named their dog.

The grandchildren

The 70-year-old president is happy about Eric becoming a father.

Eric and Lara were worried that he would break the news during a press conference before Lara reached her second trimester. They are relieved that they were the ones to announce the pregnancy when it was time.

Donald Trump Jr. and wife, Vanessa, have five children. They are Kai, 9, Donald III, 8, Tristan, 5, Spencer, 4, and Chloe, 2.

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, are parents to Arabella, 5, Joseph, 3, and Theodore, 11 months.

President Trump has so many in his family that the Secret Service said agents have never been so busy with a president's family before. Not only is the Secret Service busy at three locations (White House, Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago), but the service has to protect the president's large family, Vice President Mike Pence, and Kellyanne Conway who has received death threats.