On Monday afternoon, multiple sources reported that breakout conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has been suspended by The Blaze, the right-wing media machine founded by radio personality Glenn Beck.

The Daily Caller reports that Lahren has been slapped with a one-week suspension, which comes after tensions between Lahren and her employer came to a head over the weekend. On Friday, Lahren appeared on ABC's "The View" and raised eyebrows after she referred to pro-life conservatives as hypocrites.

Lahren stands by her comments

“I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies,” stated the outspoken Lahren, whose brash style has landed her in hot water in the past with colleagues, while spawning a cult following at the same time.

Lahren doubled down on her opinion on Saturday, refusing to apologize to anyone for being an "independent thinker", and explaining that she holds moderate, conservative and libertarian views.

Glenn Beck gives Lahren an on-air tongue-lashing

Her employer, radio mogul, and former television host Glenn Beck took to Twitter on Monday to bash the 24-year-old rising star, posting a scathing reply.

“Wait, libertarian views? Help me out on Trumpcare, stimulus, and executive orders. Trump is anything but libertarian," retorted Beck, whose voice was among the loudest of the "never Trump" crowd during the election.

Beck also used his radio soapbox to blast Lahren. On Monday, he devoted several minutes of airtime to belittling his biggest star, playing audio clips from December in which Lahren scolded pro-choice liberals for being "baby killers".

"If you're pro-choice, you can have a job at The Blaze," said Beck on the Monday edition of his radio show. "I don’t hire people who are sycophants or have my opinion.”

The Daily Caller had previously indicated that the relationship between Lahren and Beck had soured in recent weeks, with Lahren allegedly looking to part ways with The Blaze.