The dog has always been named as “Man’s Best Friend” because of its giving and loyal nature. Some dogs go through severe abuse and adverse conditions only to come back strong with unconditional love for those who seem to care. A dog will even love and forgive their own abuser with loyalty and affectionate. Four dogs who have gone through a lot in their lives, finally get the recognition they deserve at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach for the “Hero Dog Awards Gala Luncheon.”

Introducing the honorees of the dog hero awards

The star-studded Dog Hero Award luncheon honors Hooch, Mango, Hook, and Gander.

The facts about these four amazing dogs are:

  • Hooch was previously abused and is now a therapy dog for abused, specials needs and autistic children. Due to his gentle nature and patient spirit, Hooch was named the American Hero Dog of 2016. Past abuse in his life did not change his inner personality.
  • Mango was hit by a car, leaving him homeless and paralyzed. His rescuers saved him from euthanasia. Mango works as a therapy dog for vets with physical disabilities, gaining him the title of Therapy Dog of the Year.
  • Hook is a tiny little guy, weighing only 12 pounds. But he exudes heroism and courage. In Sacramento, California, this little guy saved his handler from the train tracks of a fast moving train, missing her by a foot. Another time, Hook was credited with chasing away prowlers in the woman’s office. He was given the title of Hearing Dog of the Year.
  • Gander is an amazing service dog who was rescued from a shelter and trained to work with veterans suffering from PTSD. He is credited with saving lives and travels around the country to teach people about suicide prevention for veterans. Gander has earned the title of Service Dog of the Year.

All these dogs are deserving of their titles, and the honor presented them.

They all came from sad beginnings but triumphed above them.

American Humane Society hosted the dog hero event

The American Humane Society has recognized these special canines at this event in Florida. Spokespeople for the organization say that thousands of human lives are saved with the help of service dogs dating back to the World War I.

In their honor, an American Military Hero Dog Monument is to be placed for the first time in the nation’s capital. Details about the special dog hero event and the monument can be viewed on the site of the American Humane Society.