The wife of the Orlando Nightclub Shooter Noor Salman, 31, will be released from jail till the beginning of her trial by a federal judge. Salman was granted $500,000 bail on Wednesday who is facing charges of aiding her husband.

The decision sparked outrage among the civil society as well as the relatives of the victims who were gunned by the lone wolf attacker with sympathies with the ISIS.

Prosecutors will be filing appeals against the judgment with a federal judge in Orlando. Salman has been charged, and any trial will be held in Orlando court.

Chief prosecutor, Sara Sweeney refused to comment on the development.

Freedom but movements restricted

If released, Salman will be residing with her Uncle in the San Francisco Bay area. She will also have to wear an electronic monitoring device. Her movements will be severely restricted, and she can step out of her house only for court appearances, meeting her lawyers and doctor’s appointment. Prosecutors revealed that Salman had feigned ignorance about the shooting but later told that her husband abused steroid, was often rash and unpredictable and had remarked “this is one day” before he went to his brazen and murderous attack.

US Magistrate Donna Ryu did not find any reason to believe that Noor Salman, will constitute a danger and the prosecution has not been able to furnish any proof that she had ties with ISIS or had any extreme beliefs.

She also did not have any criminal record, and her friends and former teachers have said that Noor was peaceful and nonviolent.

Prosecutors charge Noor for abetting Mateen

Prosecutors have charged Noor with helping Mateen plan the worst mass shooting in modern day US history and lying.

If found guilty of the charges, she could be sentenced to prison for life. She would not be freed immediately and will be held for two more days to give the prosecutors to appeal against the decision.

She is charged with "Aiding and Abetting by providing material support to a terrorist and Obstruction of Justice," Orlando Police Chief John Mina said in a statement.