Trump selects gay diplomat for NATO post

In an unprecedented move, Donald Trump showed his support for the LGBT community. The POTUS reinforced his support when he tweeted his impending appointment of an openly gay diplomat to the role of U. S. Ambassador to NATO.

According to an article published in the Chicago Tribune, the appointee is Richard Grenell, who is a Fox News commentator and one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump’s administration. The 50-year-old had recently supported the President when he threatened to pull the United States out of NATO.

Grenell is set to make history as the first openly gay individual to serve a major role in the United States government.

U.S. President Trump says NATO is obsolete

Earlier this year, Trump admonished the the 68-year-old organization, and threatened to pull out if there was no meaningful reform. Grenell, in his defense of the President, stated that it was not about ceasing to be in an alliance with NATO, but more about the much-needed reform that is urgently needed to make it more accessible to its members.

Donald Trump, in his scathing rebuke, called for the dismantling of NATO while referring to the decades-old organization as obsolete. The critical announcement unnerved several world leaders and sent shockwaves throughout many European countries.

Donald Trump is not against the LGBT community

The Fox commentator has been a big Twitter fan just like President Donald Trump. He posted the good news on his official Twitter account with over 50,000 followers. This move, as stated by Chris Barron, will silence the naysayers, who believed that the U. S. President is anti-gay.

However, Donald Trump’s announcement serves as little consolation to many LGBT supporters, who had slammed the President after he revoked the Title IX law that protects students who identify themselves as LGBT. The law was signed by Ex-President Barack Obama giving LGBT students the right to use the bathrooms that they identify with gender-wise.

Either way, this is an historic appointment for the Trump administration.