Several dogs seemed to be facing mysterious danger in Powell County, Kentucky. The incident occurred off of Cat Creek Road which is near High Rock road. Powell County is located in the Eastern Coal region of the state at an elevation of 580 to 1440 feet above sea level. The location is at the foothills of the Eastern Appalachian Mountains and other scenic areas like the Natural Bridge and Red River Gorge. The dogs were trapped in a cave atop a cliff and authorities were alerted when neighbors started hearing distress cries from the animals.

The investigation by local authorities in Powell County

The search for the dogs culminated at Cat Creek Road by two agencies in the area.

The Powell County Dog Warden along with the Powell and Wolfe County Search and Rescue teams worked diligently together to look for the four dogs in distress. In an effort to find the dogs and lure them out to safety, the rescuers carried everything from tranquilizers to dog food and treats.

They scaled the cliff where the dogs were thought to be and searched well into the evening hours. The search was called off as darkness came because the dogs seemed to retreat back into the cave for safety. The search resumed the next day until all dogs were accounted for and brought to safety.

The rescue of all the dogs in Powell County

After all efforts, authorities found the dogs. One of the canines was found deceased at the base of the cliff while another was rescued barely alive after it also fell.

The dog died on the way to the veterinary hospital. A third dog was brought safely down with a harness and the fourth was discovered walking along the side of the road.

All the dogs were given thorough examinations after being brought to safety. It is unclear whether the dogs are all strays or if they belong to someone nearby.

Further information on all the dog rescues are posted on the Powell County Office of Public Information Facebook page. One of the rescued dogs that was saved, thanks to the efforts of the rescue workers was given the name “Cliff.