Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was paid $500,000 by the Turkish government while advising presidential candidate Donald Trump, who, as President, issued a second executive order banning immigrants to the Untied States from six nations, including Syria. Although Flynn terminated his relationship with the Turkish government immediately after Trump was elected President, he nevertheless advised President-elect Trump and later President Trump on Turkish affairs. Flynn was advising Trump on Turkey after having been paid half a million dollars by the Turkish government.

Register as a foreign agent

Under federal law, all agents of foreign governments must register as such when serving in a presidential administration. Although Flynn was aware of this law, he nevertheless did not register as an agent for the Turkish government until just a few days ago. Flynn's registration as an agent took place only after he was pressured to register by the Justice Department.

Turkish businessman hires Flynn

Reportedly, Flynn was hired by a Turkish businessman, Ekim Alptekin, to provide information to him and the Turkish government. Flynn was fired by Trump as National Security Advisor after totally misleading Vice-President Pence about his contacts with an agent of the Russian government.

When talking to Pence, Flynn lied and said that he had not had any contact with any agents of the Russian government, even though he had spoken with the Russian ambassador the United States on the phone. When Pence advised the President of Flynn's lies to him, Trump fired him.

Although Alptekin denied having anything to do with the Turkish government, documents that were recovered later revealed that Alptekin was misrepresenting the truth.

The newly uncovered Justice Department documents revealed that Alptekin "introduced officials of the Republic of Turkey to Flynn Intel Group officials at a meeting on September 19, 2016, in New York." (NBC News, 3/10/17).

And so, in the aftermath of all of these revelations, Flynn finally registered as an agent of a foreign government.

However, Flynn's registration was problematic because it took place after the fact after Flynn had resigned as an agent for the Turkish government and advised Trump on matters that pertain to Turkey. As some observers would characterize it, Flynn's registration as an agent of a foreign government is "too little, too late."

GOP Congressman asks about prenatal care

Meanwhile, GOP Illinois Congressman John Shimkus asked the House Energy and Commerce Committee why men should have to pay for prenatal care. Shimkus did not mention if he was aware that men also play a role in the conception and are seen as equally responsible for the prenatal care of their unborn children.