Nebraska teen antonia lopez may have killed her newborn baby, but she won't be spending any time behind bars. Instead, she has been sentenced to community service -- and ordered to delete her Facebook account.

According to a report by the Omaha World Herald, the 16-year-old gave birth in her apartment in the early morning hours of Sept. 30 of last year and later told her mother about what she had done. However, despite the mother's efforts to save the baby, the child was pronounced dead at the hospital on account of the injuries the baby sustained.

Antonia Lopez's baby was alive when she threw it out

Although Lopez initially told authorities that she believed the child was stillborn, she ultimately admitted to the crime once her case was transferred to the juvenile court. The report also claimed Lopez had attempted to convince authorities that she was completely unaware of her pregnancy, but her boyfriend later refuted the claims and said he had tried to get her to tell her mother and see a doctor.

Antonia Lopez's baby was deemed to have been alive at the time of the incident. Medics made this determination after witnessing blood in the baby's head and abdomen.

"Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Christopher Kelly ordered Antonia Lopez to be placed on probation, live in a group home, take part in individual and family therapy, delete her Facebook account and perform 50 hours of community service," the Omaha World Herald confirmed to readers this week.

Antonia Lopez was initially charged as an adult

Lopez received one count of felony child abuse resulting in death after the incident and faced two decades behind bars if convicted. However, attorney Don Kleine later agreed to move the case from district court due to her mental state and lack of prior incidents.

As for Lopez's Facebook account, Judge Kelly ordered that the page be deleted not as punishment, but as protection.

As the report explained, Lopez has received thousands of negative comments from Facebook users around the world.

After giving birth, Antonia Lopez sent her boyfriend a message on Snapchat. The message read, “It was a girl by the way.”