To be a president's daughter has always been an image of success all over the world. Now at the age of 35, Ivanka Trump has moved from a mere room at her retail line to a major work office on one of the most prestigious sides of the White House. Her job title within the Trump administration remains undetermined. Some believe that she has only been appointed the work space out of spite and in the form of nepotism. However, this woman has earned a bachelor's degree in business in her own right. She also has many instances already on her resume that actually render her overqualified for the business communications centered around the White House.

Many notable moments surround Ivanka. Her business expertise has led to the global expansion and overall portfolio development that is Donald Trump. She is now being given the chance to showcase her business ethics from White House in exchange for her love of a seat right next to her father.

Her achievements before the appointment

This first daughter of the Unites States is known for being the best-selling author of The Trump Card. The book is a sophisticated memoir that gives insight to someone pursuing their own career endeavors with the willingness to succeed. Ivanka has also appeared in her father's reality TV shows, The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice. Both shows were created in an attempt to reveal who really has what it takes to build an empire without it quickly falling prey to destruction and employee termination.

She is Executive Vice President to The Trump Organization despite the fact that it is her father's company. Trump has also graced the covers of many famous publications including Versace, Forbes and Harper's Bazaar. This gives her the qualifications of being able to provide the Trump administration a more elegant approach towards the press.

A prominent public figure, Ivanka has already become a Senior Advisor to the President even though the position was given to her husband Jared Kushner. This serves as an example that she's already involved in the political matters of the president without an official work title stated to her name.

Trump is a strong businesswoman that brings the consumer focus back to American-made products.

The socialite and fashion model has proven that she can be a Jack of all trades. It can't be expressed enough that she has no distinguished title or role within the Trump administration but does have a significant power and ability centered within the president's innermost circle.

No official title or description

Ivanka's seat in the discreet West Wing comes as a result of President Trump feeling as is if he can only trust his child to oversee his political affairs. His affiliations have been the center of controversy since the president took office back in January. He has faced a terrible infestation of scandalous leaks that have released a lot of sensitive information about him to the public.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has advised that Ivanka Trump will voluntarily abide by federal employee restrictions as she takes on a large advisory position at the White House. She will be granted a security clearance that allows her access to all kinds of classified information. The first daughter will also be given federal communication devices while working from the West Wing. As a result, she risks bringing conflict to the private interests and public roles already set within the president's cabinet.

U.S. history has always brought into perspective the interaction between a political arena and how it eventually seems to bring forth some form of nepotism. Ivanka's move to the White House is merely a formality. It puts the commander-in-chief's closest confidant at the center of a political arena that is the Trump administration.