Chaos erupted after three people entered a Rolex store with sledgehammers Saturday morning. Nevada law officials have reported that one man is dead after an Armed Robbery ended in a shootout along the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan hotel was evacuated in connection to the crime. The shooting suspect opened fire at the Bellagio resort. He killed a man and injured another one with what police say was a handgun. The shooter and his two victims were the three men involved in the burglary.

A sense of greed and confusion surrounds this story. Las Vegas is now looking into the events that took take place at its Bellagio.

The moment of gunfire came just a few hours after another standoff occurred with a different gunman. Neither incidents have been reported in correlation to one another. Sin City stood at a standstill from Tropicana Boulevard to Flamingo Road as tragedy began to strike on this fatal jewelry heist.

Sin City at a hiatus

All three men have not been identified. No motives have been given. However, SWAT reported this morning that the gunman appeared to be wearing a pig mask when all of this escalated into a deadly frenzy around 11:30 a.m. local time.

At about 1:45 p.m., Las Vegas Metro police reported that SWAT moved in on a suspect barricaded inside of a bus. The scene lasted four hours. Officer Larry Hadfield stated, "The shooting incident happened on the bus.

We had one single shooting with two victims. Both were transported to the trauma center, and one is deceased."

A peaceful surrender

The shooter was taken into custody without resisting his arrest. Police managed to bring down the suspect unharmed. Las Vegas Boulevard was placed on restricted access as the man turned himself into crisis negotiators.

The robbery has citizens and tourists alike rehabilitating from the evacuation that left Sin City looking like a ghost town. They are reminded they've witnessed some terrible scenes that lasted for hours. A federal interrogation now looms over these men after one bad move caused bloodshed between some strange and ghastly thieves.