Ivanka Trump is who women in China want to look like if you ask Plastic Surgeons. Thousands of women are running to the doctor's office in the hopes of obtaining her large eyes, perfect nose, and lips.

First daughter's looks in high demand.

One medical facility, Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management -- actually registered its name in the Chinese version of Ivanka's name and had seen a huge spike in business. Yiwanka reportedly shares characters with the Chinese version spelling of Ivanka and doctors at the center have been in high demand. Doctors there specialize in facial cosmetic procedures as well as liposuction and breast implants.

Li Yunxing, the medical center's human resources manager, says young women come in wanting to look like Ivanka Trump and other celebrities. He says there's "no doubt" that patients in China want Ivanka's attractive features.

American women want her looks, too

Two women from Texas have already spent tens of thousands of dollars to look like the first daughter. Tiffany Taylor has had breast augmentation, cheek fillers, and a nose job to look more like Trump. Another young woman, Jenny Stuart, has spent a lot to look like the "pretty, classy lady," as featured on "Dateline." In her case, she's spent $30,000.

Both women visited Houston surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose, to achieve the look. Taylor had spent upwards of $60,000 to have multiple features physically altered to look just like Ivanka Trump.

Dr. Rose explains that these aren't the first women requesting a surgical makeover to look like President Trump's eldest daughter.

Is no one requesting Melania Trump's look?

Dr. Rose tells Daily Mail that although a lot of patients want to look like Ivanka Trump, he doesn't have anyone trying to copy First Lady Melania Trump's look.

He estimates that it's probably because her looks are a bit too severe and he says she gets a lot of Botox. He claims that both Ivanka and Melania go to the same surgeon. Moreover, he says Ivanka has had fillers and Botox as well..