Pentagon, the US Department of Defense has ordered an investigation into the alleged sharing of nude photos belonging to Us Marines on a closed Facebook group named Marines United. According to a Pentagon official, four units of the military are currently involved in the inquiry of the display of nude photos of women service staff on Facebook. He also revealed that the probe would involve inspection of all the websites for the presence of any images.

Involved Marines cannot be given any excuse

In another dramatic development, Ray Mabus, the former US Navy secretary disclosed to the media that the scandal involved with the sharing of Nude photos of US Marines over social media is not a fit case to grant any excuse or mercy.

The incident came to light when a closed Facebook group named Marines United with over 30,000+ people comprising of Marines and veterans reportedly shared explicit images of women belonging to US Marines in compromising positions without their consent. He said that the perpetrators of the incident should be brought to book at the earliest and the probe should target websites other than Facebook.

Responding to CNN's Chris Cuomo, Mabus added that he is unable to find any good excuse. Since the main motto of the US Marine is ‘semper Fidelis,' the Marines should be faithful not only to the department but also to the people. By posting Nude pictures on social media, the people who did the act have shown disrespect to their colleagues and veterans who have worked hard for the country.

Mabus also said that the probe should be conducted as to how the entire series of events developed and whether any top-level official knows about it well in advance.

Marine commandant slams photo sharing

In response to a statement by Gen. Robert Neller, who is the commandant of the Marine Corps, Mabus added that Marines should look after each of their colleagues.

Recently, Neller had strongly condemned the action of the persons involved in displaying of nude images of Women Marines on social media. He added that the behavior of Marines is unethical and violate all the guidelines issued by the department. Like a true warrior, Marines should show a high sense of responsibility and trust to be successful on the battlefield.

Mabus had worked for the development of women empowerment in the US Marines. He was instrumental in creating awareness among women to join the military for the benefit of the nation by combatting with the enemies. He added that the actions carried out inside the closed Facebook group has created a sense of anger among people since it erodes the ability of the Marines to fight to protect the nation from the hands of the attackers.