On Saturday night, Donald Trump held an apparent re-election campaign rally in Florida. At one point, Trump invited an excited member of the crowd onto the stage with him, and now new information about the man in question is coming to light.

Trump fan

After just one month in office, President Donald Trump is already gearing up for his potential re-election in 2020. Holding a campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday night, nearly 10,000 screaming fans of the president were in attendance. Trump then noticed Gene Huber and called him on stage, as the two shared a hug.

Not long after the incident took place, Huber was interviewed on CNN and shared some interesting information about his feelings towards the commander in chief. The Hill elaborated further on the story on February 19.

"Mr. President, I've been with you for two years," Gene Huber said while being interviewed on CNN, before adding, "every single second, every day, I'm with you." Not stopping there, Huber went on to admit that he salutes and prays to a life-size cutout of the former host of "The Apprentice." "I've got a 6-foot cardboard box of President Trump in my house," he admitted, while noting, "I salute that every single day."

(CNN interview in video above)

Continuing, Gene Huber explained his religious-like daily routine that he has with his Donald Trump cardboard box.

"I tell him, Mr. President, I pray for your safety today," he said, while doubling down, "I'm not lying. I do that every single day." The Trump superfan said he thinks the billionaire real estate mogul is doing a "fantastic" job in the White House, and that there were "no words to describe" how well he is doing leading the country.

Not long after the interview, a video clip circulated on social media where Huber was shown interviewing a Trump-talking toy.

Moving forward

According to recent polls, Donald Trump is dealing with historically low favorability ratings, with his positive numbers dropping below 40 percent in the latest Gallup poll.

While supporters like Gene Huber appear to be die-hard and loyal to the core, Trump is struggling to expand his approval to potential voters outside of his base. With the election still almost four years away, only time will tell if Huber's enthusiasm will rub off on enough people to ensure a second term.