Mere weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes up the reins of steering one of the largest economies, reports are already surfacing of some of the drastic changes the incoming President has slated to make. Several anonymous sources have reported that there are some massive changes that the American people should brace themselves for.

Trump is fed up with the US 'Intelligence Culture'

Trump's four-year presidency will undoubtedly start out with a bang! Donald Trump had promised a large-scale revamp of the FBI and CIA as well as other intelligence gathering agencies working within and outside the borders of the United States.

The outspoken Donald Trump had voiced his concern on the country's "Intelligence Culture" while on the campaign trail. He is now working with his team of top advisors who are devising new strategies that will revamp and restructure all USA intelligence networks.

Donald Trump set to dismantle USA intelligence programs

In his classic 'Trump Style' the Twitter guru had been bashing the US Intelligence agencies on the social media platform for the past few days. His recent attack focus on the intelligence assessment of the Russian Hack attack during the recently concluded general election on November 8, 2016. The involvement of Russia's hacking on the Democrats and Hillary Clinton's private email had created a firestorm on several popular social media platforms.

Russia's hack attack causing grave concerns

Notably, President Vladimir Putin's country played a significantly huge role in Donald Trump's victory and had created serious discussion throughout the United States of America.

Sources close to the Republican party had outlined that the team is working on a detailed plan to restructure the CIA by reducing the power and influence of the Virginia-based headquarter. The CIA has not responded to the story released in the Wall Street Journal.

Another source reported that the reports coming from Trump's team of top intelligence advisors had stated that the US global intelligence program over time had become more politicized.

The CIA would trim down in size, making each individual agency weaker and add more vital pieces to make it much stronger and more accountable.

However, with the newly released information Republicans and Democrats have criticized the President-elect and issued harsh criticism against Trump's policies on domestic and foreign affairs.