It's getting very curious. Michael Flynn was last reported to be under the wing of James Comey. That spelled trouble for Donald trump. Comey had already lowered the boom on Trump for lying about President Obama, and it seemed that Flynn going to Comey was a sign that he was scared and needed heavy protection. That at least was a reasonable speculation. In this story, speculation is about as close to the truth as you can get.

But now

Today the media lights are flashing the return of Michael Flynn. The word immunity is written large, and it emerges like this.

Flynn will be happy to tell his story to the House and the Senate if he is given immunity from prosecution. All of this comes through his lawyer whose name is Robert Kelner. Kelner is a New York City personal injury attorney. He is clearly out to inform the media that his client needs and wants protection and assurances against unfair prosecution.

Wheels within wheels

If one thought that Trump might suffer some comeuppance for evil done in Russia, or even that he might be condemned on the grounds of a cover-up, these prospects recede to the extent that Flynn is willing to offer testimony in the circus atmosphere of the House or the Senate. It appears more likely that Flynn would confine his story to matters that might expose himself but not the President.

How this could fade away

This whole issue could disappear into the large wastebasket where unresolved Trump issues go to be forgotten. Here's how. Should Flynn get immunity, the ironical result might be that he would not have to hold an ax over Trump. He could tell any story and watch the whole thing fade away. The surmise is that when he was within the Comey orbit he either stonewalled and kept the truth locked within or he told a story that was not worth Comey's time of day.

Flynn saves himself and gets others off the hook

This is all surmise, but it seems to be a logical construction of the last few days. When the elusive, protected witness starts shopping his story it may mean it is either worthless or that there is a deal behind it.