I have just watched a Sean Spicer briefing and looked at a New York Times lead story which gives the names of the two men who shared intelligence info with Representative Devin Nunes and the experience leaves me with a funny sense. It is the emerging feeling that I am involved in advanced micro coverage. That is the sort of coverage that takes a story and chops it into little bits and presents each bit as something stupendous. Let me explain.

The circus

Some time ago I concluded that the House investigation of Trump's Russian dealings was doomed because the House Intelligence Committee was already in Trump's pocket.

Nothing has emerged to change that opinion. But the story creeps along. Now we know a little more about what in all probability is an effort by Trump to deflect attention from what might have made for a real investigation. Maybe the story is that I and many like me are so convinced that Trump is guilty that we are impatient to get the whole soap opera over.

Critical thinking

I am a fan of thinking critically. I believe in intentional thought, in taking the time to dope things out. Writing helps. If I apply critical thought to the subject I am discussing it gets to three observations. Maybe we are being intentionally confused, led on a wild goose chase. Maybe it is less intentional than I think, more the way people are, hard to pin down or easily trust.

Maybe both these things are true and there are simply too many truths to easily sort.


I owe to my encounter with the mind of Ludwig Wittgenstein a nonsensical observation: We may strive for an exactitude we will never arrive at.

In addition, we may be confronted with myriad ways to distort and otherwise confuse our communications. That makes it exceedingly difficult to treat these unfolding stories as anything but a delay in the action. The feeling is we will see an end to the Russia thing. It should in all probability be the end of Trump because it will involve a cover up. The end is always the same. What will Donald Trump do when the end is in sight?