Ricardo Medina Jr., a former actor from the kids' TV series “Power Rangers,” has been sentenced on Thursday to six years in state prison for fatally stabbing his roommate with a sword in January 2015.

Pleaded guilty to manslaughter

Medina pleaded guilty and admitted that he used a sword in killing Josh Sutter, his roommate. The actor would have been given a substantially tougher sentence if he was found guilty of murder, which he was initially charged with. Due to the reduced sentence, Medina could be out on parole in less than three years. A murder charge could have given him a life sentence.

Superior Court Judge Daviann Mitchell has given Medina the maximum sentence after hearing emotional testimonies from family members of Sutter who gathered in her Lancaster, California Courtroom. Donald Sutter, the victim’s father, stated that “Put this killer in general population so he will see and feel the same fear that Joshua must have felt.”

The actor has been in custody for over a year and will start his sentence immediately.

Ricardo Medina Jr. was arrested twice

Medina, who said acted in self-defense, was first arrested on Jan. 31, 2015 after killing Sutter over an argument regarding Medina’s girlfriend. As the fight heated up, Medina managed to get a hold of a sword that they had around the apartment and used the same to stab Sutter, who later died from the injuries repeatedly.

The former actor was later released after a court hearing rejected the case while it is being investigated. However, Medina was arrested again on Jan. 14 last year and was charged with first-degree murder. The bail was set at $1 million.

Life as a Power Ranger

Medina played the role of Cole Evans, also known as the Red Wild Force Ranger, in the 2002 kids TV series “Power Rangers Wild Force.” Series creator Haim Saban had repurchased the brand from Disney and brought back Medina for the “Power Rangers Samurai” TV series in 2011 that extended up to 2012.

Medina was not in any way involved in the current “Power Rangers” film.