As one of the largest Home Improvement companies, Home Depot’s recent performance maintains a strong presence in 2017. According to the recent news release on their website, the company aims to hire 80,000 more employees this spring season. Tim Crow, the executive vice president, wants to provide both customers and applicants a convenient experience.

Company performance

Home Depot continues to see an increase in performance. Overall, analysts see an increase in Stock Price, EPS, and stock growth estimate. Many foresee a stock price from a high of $175 to a low of $106.

Analysts project an estimate of $1.6 earnings per share (EPS), an increase from their EPS of $1.35. The previous years display a stock growth of 22.85% per year. The company continues its growth although analysts predict this growth to eventually slow down.

Application process

With an enormous goal of 80,000 jobs, there are many positions that span from cashier to general manager. The retailer, one of the leading companies in home improvement, has taken steps in order to achieve this large economic jump. In order to expedite applications, they have in turn simplified the actual applications process allowing a greater number of potential candidates.

The application process takes an estimated time of 15 minutes and is available on many platforms.

The application is available on many devices and not just limited to your personal computer. Their mobile-optimized careers page provides a fast and convenient venue for any user to access the application. With over 2,000 nationwide stores and 75 warehouses, the home improvement company offers several positions for applicants both part-time and full-time.

Many of these positions eventually become permanent. They report that over 80 percent of general managers started out as one of these applicants.

Spring season

The company's recent performance indicates a strong start for the leading company in home improvement. In the previous year, 2016, the company had $94.6 billion in sales.

And $8.0 billion earnings. With spring around the corner, Home Depot always plans on creating seasonal jobs for this season. As a home improvement company, it continues to hire thousands of new employees.

This is just in time for customers who plan on focusing on individual projects. The do-it-yourself community depends on home improvement companies to supply their arsenal of tools and materials. Spring is a prime season for customers to start on such projects.

The retailer maintains a strong lead in the home improvement sector. They aren’t the only ones to focus on improvement for the upcoming season. Walmart, Lowe’s, American Apparel, and other major retailers plan to follow the same steps as Home Depot with the idea of creating thousands more jobs.