Walmart is a retail giant that sells almost everything. It is a store where you can do your one-stop shopping that includes food, clothes, medicine, auto supplies, and furniture. Starting on April 1, 2017, shoppers will be able to purchase a new or used vehicle from Walmart. The store has a partnership with CarSaver, according to a recent report from Automotive News.

Walmart selling vehicles

All the Walmart stores across the nation will not be involved with CarSaver's online auto retail service. Only 25 of select stores will offer Cars and financing through CarSaver.

The stores that will have this service are located in Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix. Walmart expects to sell at least 1,000 cars annually through each of these Walmart stores before expanding the program to more than 450 stores.

How the plan works

There are several ways to purchase a vehicle through Walmart's partnership with CarSaver. The plan allows a shopper to choose a new or used vehicle and apply for financing and automobile insurance through Walmart's website, or at the CarSaver kiosk in the store. Consumers may also make a purchase on their mobile device through CarSaver’s website. Another option is to call an 800 number. Once shoppers have done their part, then CarSaver will put them in contact with a car dealership to finalize the deal.

Walmart tested selling cars at one of its Florida stores last year. Because the partnership was so successful, the plan is being put into effect in other Walmart stores. The good news about this partnership is that there is a great savings for buyers. Officials say an average sale saves the consumer at least $3,000.

While people might think this is unique, Walmart is following what Costco has been doing for at least two decades.

In fact, it is one of Costco's most lucrative services. Because Costco has had great success with its vehicle selling program, Walmart believes it can do the same.

What do you think about being able to purchase a car through Walmart? Would you shop for a car at the retail store?