AT&T plans on bringing back 3000 jobs to the US after settling on an agreement with the Communications Workers of America, a union representing 20,000 workers in the Southwest region.

Terms of agreement

The phone service provider has settled the terms of the agreement and currently is waiting for the approval. Although there were threats of a strike, nothing major has occurred in the Southwest region. Along with the 3,000 jobs, AT&T plans on adding, the deal calls for wage raises, paid parental leave, healthcare, and other benefits. As the previous contract came close to its expiration date, many union workers threatened to strike.

Both sides met in order to settle the issues of the new contract, with the main point of contention being job security. The deal will last from 2017 to 2021.

This is not the first settlement AT&T has had with the union. In 2005, CWA reached a four-year agreement providing health care premiums and improved pension benefits still focusing on job security. Although they’ve made fair and reasonable agreements in the past, the relationship between the union and company remains rocky.

Employees of the company

Retailers are often understaffed at paid low wages. Last year, there was a cap on the commission employees could make. Even so, the cap is difficult to achieve with their current wages. The union continues to fight against the company's plan to move more jobs oversea.

Over the last several years, company locations have reduced in number. The CWA hopes to improve the situation for their union workers with this settlement.

President Trump's disapproval

AT&T is still attempting to gain approval for its $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner. This is currently opposed by President Trump. Trump’s policy remains to bring back jobs into the US.

Despite recent controversies with Trump’s election, many companies have moved to bring back jobs to the United States. He opposes many companies who move jobs outside the United States. A move like this by the phone service provider would result in better approval by the president.

The phone service provider works to avoid issues with Communications Workers of America (CWA) and complete its deal with Time Warner. At the same time, AT&T hopes to improve their standing with President Trump.