The buzz with republicans is mainly about the Affordable Care Act, Aca, repeal and if it should go through or not. The main question they’re asking is how to pay for people’s health insurance. Obamacare’s main point was to make health care affordable and improving the quality of health insurance. Republicans want to replace Obamacare with refundable tax credits, but don’t know if it should be based on a person’s age instead income. People don’t like this idea because then everyone would have affordable healthcare even if they don’t work. They’re calling it the Entitlement Program.

Both Paul Ryan and Tom Price have written in bills that they have supported.

The leak and concerns

Last month, a draft of a new proposal was leaked, calling for $4,000 to lower costs for people who don’t have coverage and are already being helped by Obamacare. Recently, however, Republicans that consider themselves conservative in the House and the Senate don’t like that the tax credits were close to the ACA. People are concerned that the GOP leaders are going to pay for their plans by cutting down on employer-sponsored plans.

The details

The first problem people have with this idea is that the tax credits are refundable. This allows anyone, regardless of how much tax they pay, will be able to afford their healthcare.

Many low-income families don’t pay a lot of taxes, mainly because they don’t get paid a lot. This would create a Medicaid-type program, according to Mark Meadows. Meadows says that these types of programs haven’t been proven to actually be effective in controlling or lowering health care costs. He has gone on to say that he wants something that is proven to help lower healthcare costs.

The second problem is that the tax credits would be based on age instead of income. It would solve Obamacare’s problem of middle class families not being able to get the subsidy because they make too much, but it would mean that if someone buys individual insurance, even if they’re wealthy, they would be getting help from the government.

Republicans are trying to limit the ability for the wealthy to get the credit even if some get the insurance through their jobs. The ACA and if it should be getting repealed is the most recent topic of debate between Republicans and Democrat’s.