In the two surveys released recently, Obamacare has received the highest level of support so far, but Republican leaders have been campaigning for its repeal despite the growing resistance witnessed at different town halls.

Boost for Obamacare

According to the latest Health Tracking Poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 48% of Americans support the law while 42% have an unfavorable view of the law. This is the highest level of support Obamacare has received in more than 60 polls conducted by Kaiser Health Tracking from 2010.

The supporters

Democrats and independents are mostly the majority supporters of the law. More than three-quarters of Democrats have continually supported it while more than the same proportion of Republicans has maintained their stance against it.

In another Survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 54% of Americans were in favor of the Affordable Care Legislation. This is the highest level of approval rating ever from the Pew Research Center. 43% did not support it. That is quite different from the 48% -47% recorded in December. There is growing support for the law despite the public fight against its future, especially by the Republican leaders.

The division

There is a sharp division on Obamacare.

The likelihood that Republicans will disapprove it is around 89% while Democrats may willingly express their approval of about 85%, but the independents' approval of 53% and disproval of 45% may lead to the deciding factor of about 10 points margin.

The political angle

Partisan politics is playing a crucial role in deciding whether Congress should go ahead to repeal the law.

According to the Kaiser poll, about 47% of Americans are of the opinion that the Congress should repeal the act while 48% wants the act to remain unhindered. But in the Pew survey, most of those who were against the law suggested GOP leaders should make modifications while a minority of those interviewed was of the opinion that the law should be dismantled. Republicans are the majority in Congress and are fighting seriously to the see the law repealed.