Over the last week, there have been several stories that have made their way into the headlines. Whether it has to do with Donald Trump, the battle between the Democrats and Republicans, or the fight to protect free speech on college campuses, one host on Fox News always seems to have an opinion on the topics at hand.

Judge's take

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the political tension in the United States has reached an all-time high. While the former host of "The Apprentice" has only been in office for two months, the gap between liberals and conservatives has only widened.

Examples of this division could be seen following Trump's executive order that critics labeled a "Muslim ban," which restricted travel to seven, and later sixth in the revised order, Muslim-majority countries. Trump supporters praised the ban, while liberal critics labeled it as a racist and Islamophobic attack on Muslims. On college campuses across the country, a growing number of students have taken their political opposition and turned it into violence, attempting to ban and restrict free speech to anyone who doesn't hold liberal opinion. These issues, and more, were part of an opening rant by Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro on March 19.

As part of her Fox News show on Sunday, Jeanine Pirro targeted liberals for allegedly "changing the rules" to fit their agenda.

"The left is changing black letter law and journalistic standards and the constitution in order to satisfy their agenda," Pirro said, while adding, "They are simply intolerant of opinions that differ from theirs." "They burn buildings in their black ninja outfits at Berkeley to stop an invited guest from exercising his first amendment free speech," Pirro noted, in reference to Milo Yiannopoulos speech earlier this year.

Not stopping there, Pirro then accused liberal students of "burn(ing) the constitution," and calling anyone they don't agree with a "racist," "stupid," or a "bigot."

Travel ban defense

At this point, Jeanine Pirro turned her attention to Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson who blocked the second version of Donald Trump's travel ban last week.

"Hey Judge Watson, not for nothing, but Hawaii hasn't taken in one refugee from those countries," she pointed out, before attempting to make her case for why the executive order should be upheld. "Since I don't think Hawaii has a nexus or even standing with these countries, I recommend that all refugees, all 100 thousand of them, go directly to Hawaii," Pirro suggested.

Pirro on Democrats

The outspoken Fox News host then decided to target Donna Brazile, the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, who admitted this week that she had leaked a debate question to Hillary Clinton during the election.

Jeanine Pirro mocked Brazile as a "good Christian woman" for finally admitting her previous lie, while referring to her as "demonic" and a "lying scheming Machiavellian Democrat." In closing, Pirro concluded that liberals were on the wrong side of the argument, and that conservatives are right "in more ways than one."