Gluten-free Diets have gained popularity throughout the years. Notable celebrities have gone gluten-free, and this includes Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. Millions of regular people around the world don't eat foods with gluten.

However, there's now evidence that suggests that no-gluten diets may increase the risk of cancer. It also enhances the risk of other chronic illnesses. This is because gluten-free foods contain high levels of toxic metals.

Two studies in the United States found that people who ate gluten-free foods had two-times the amount of arsenic in their urine, compared to those who eat foods with gluten.

The studies also found that the gluten-free folk had 70 percent more mercury in their blood, as well as high levels of lead and cadmium.

The studies were carried out by Researchers at the University of Illinois. People between the ages of 6-80 on gluten-free diets were looked at. They tested their urine and blood to come to their conclusion.

Scientists give a warning

In the report, which was published in the journal Epidemiology, scientists warned that an increased risk of cancer and other chronic diseases might be associated with low-level arsenic and mercury exposure. However, the scientists did say the effects of the exposure from food sources were not certain. As for how contamination can happen, it's mainly from rice flour, which is used as a substitute for cereals, bread, and pasta.

What else are products free of gluten linked to

Parents around the world have been warned for awhile now about giving toddlers rice milk instead of cows' milk. This is because of the dangers associated with it. However, repeatedly consuming gluten-free products have been linked to weight loss, skin lesions, and muscle wasting.

It has also been linked to conditions such as diabetes and high-blood pressure.

Gluten can cause issues for certain people. Those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity may experience issues if they consume gluten. The same goes for those who have a wheat allergy.