While the European Union President has been known for his humor and outspoken attitude in the past, Jean-Claude Juncker sounded quite serious when he spoke out against Trump at a meeting of the leaders of the European People’s Party in Malta on Thursday. After the White House has made claims that Trump was a “leader” on the controversial Brexit, Juncker said he will promote Ohio’s independence, as well as the “exit of Texas,” from the United States.

According to a report by Politico, the EU president believes in the open border policy and wants an EU that has ever-closer relations between its members.

This policy of openness allows companies to hire people across borders, without immigration restrictions. His announcement came on the day after U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May officially triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, giving the U.K. two years to tie up its exit from the EU bloc. While the U.K. is the only country so far to officially wish to leave the EU block, Juncker had warned them against the move, calling Brits who voted to leave “deserters” and saying Brexit will have catastrophic consequences for the U.K. However, according to Juncker, the results of Brexit will make every other EU member realize it is not worth leaving.

Breakup of the EU could lead to war

According to a report by the Financial Times, Juncker reportedly told Vice President Mike Pence that Trump’s continued encouragement of EU countries to follow the Brexit trend could lead to a breakup of the EU, followed by a war in the Balkans.

He said by leaving those countries to their own devices, there would definitely be a war again.

EU President to visit Washington

According to a report by the Atlantic, while Juncker is outspoken on Trump’s continued support for the break-up of the EU, it is unsure if the EU President will meet with the U.S.

President on a scheduled visit to Washington. He told the Financial Times that they are trying to set up a meeting between the pair, but that Trump has “other priorities.” Juncker went on to add that Trump doesn’t understand anything about Europe, saying the U.S. president once spoke to Donald Tusk – president of the European Council – on the telephone, believing he was speaking to Juncker himself.