With Donald Trump now in the White House, many have wondered who will challenge him in 2020. The Democratic Party has stayed mostly quiet on the issue, but when the topic was brought up to Trump during a recent interview, the president made sure to take a shot at Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Trump on Warren

Heading into the 2016 presidential election, many speculated as to whether or not Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren would run for president. After it became clear that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was officially throwing her name into the hat, Warren backed off.

Despite not endorsing Clinton in the primary, she stood by her side in the general election and was one of the loudest voices in opposition to Donald Trump. Due to Warren's critical comments of the former host of "The Apprentice," Trump lashed out on more than one occasion, labeling Warren "Pocahontas" after it was revealed that the senator had fabricated her Native American history. Fast forward to present day and the popular senator from the Bay State is one of top prospects to make a run for the White House during the next election cycle, which Trump discussed during a March 18 interview on Fox News.

(Trump's comments on Warren start at 2:25 in the above video.)

Sitting down with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Donald Trump was given a list of names and asked to give his quick reaction to those listed.

When Elizabeth Warren's name was brought up, the billionaire real estate mogul didn't hesitate in giving his thoughts. "I think she’d lose so badly," Trump said in regards to a potential general election match-up.

"I think she hurt Hillary Clinton very badly," Donald Trump went on to say.

"I watched those speeches, the anger, the hatred in her heart, and I said, 'You know, she’s really bad for Hillary,'" the president explained. Not stopping there, Trump decided to mock the senator over her alleged Native American history. "Pocahontas would not be proud of her as her representative, believe me," he continued.

When Jesse Watters asked if he would like to run against Warren, Trump replied that it would "be a dream come true."

Next up

After just two months in office, Donald Trump is still years away from finding out who his general election opponent will be in 2020. Meanwhile, the president has more important things to worry about, like handling the growing scandal of Russian interference in his administration, the controversial push for a new health care law, as well as his budget proposal.