On Monday, FBI Director James Comey made his long-awaited appearance in front of Congress to testify in regards to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. During the hearing, Comey threw cold water on Donald Trump's recent wiretapping conspiracy, which caused the conservative media to react in different ways.

Fox News on Comey

It was just three weeks ago when Donald Trump and the White House were hit with yet another bombshell over their alleged link to Russia. The Washington Post reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Russian officials during the election, adding yet another issue for the administration to deal with on the topic at hand.

In his best attempt to change the conversation, Trump made the wiretapping allegations, claiming Barack Obama spied on his office inside Trump Tower during the election. No credible evidence has yet to be presented, which James Comey doubled down on during the hearing. As seen across multiple broadcasts on Fox News on March 20, hosts Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity had different takes on the matter.

The Factor's find

On the Monday night edition of "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News, host Bill O'Reilly was critical of Donald Trump for promoting false information about the aforementioned wiretapping conspiracy.

"There's absolutely no evidence that President Obama tapped Trump Tower," O'Reilly admitted.

"The president is so infuriated that the media is obsessed about the alleged Russian connection, so he lashed out," O'Reilly continued, before noting, "But the problem is there's no evidence that anything happened at Trump Tower." The Fox News host went on to say that the wiretapping claim has "harmed the president," while suggesting the former host of "The Apprentice "embrace only facts in his pronouncements."

Hannity's take

Unlike his fellow Fox News host, Sean Hannity hit back hard at the James Comey hearing, accusing Democrats and the media of engaging in a "witch hunt" against Donald Trump.

"Today, Democrats, the alt-left, and the destroy-Trump media continue to ignore facts and which is clearly a political witch hunt," Hannity said to start his show.

"There is not one shred of evidence, none, showing collusion between Trump and the Russians," Sean Hannity continued, before bashing Democrats and the "liberal media" for unfairly attacking the president.

"The Democrats are missing the real scandal here," Hannity noted, before accusing liberals of ignoring leaks in the White House to the media. Concluding, Hannity accused Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee of taking part in "political stunts" to harm the credibility of the White House.