A Phoenix “art gallery” named La Melgosa, if it can be considered art, has made a huge play for publicity at the expense of President Trump. They commissioned the giant billboard to be created by one Karen Fiorito formerly from Arizona State. Forito said, I’ve been called a communist, a Satan worshiper and now has been told she’s a very sick person. Her billboard has pushed the First Amendendment rights with treason.

This aberration pictures President Trump between two almost swastika looking dollar signs and explosions behind the President. Imagine if you will a billboard when President Lincoln was in office, with a pair of KKK groups on both sides.

That is the equivalent or perhaps a billboard of Obama with Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor to his sides. If anyone would have done that sort of thing during this past administration, their body may never have been found.

Liberal destructive antics continue

This obnoxious attitude exhibited by losers; that’s what they need to be called for they are acting the part. Their riots have destroyed millions or billions of dollars at the expense of other citizens. These self-serving people blocked major highways at the expense of workers. Now they’re trashing the scenery. Where will it end? For many, they are behind bars.

This gallery, using the term loosely, claims that they will leave the billboard up as long and President Trump is in office.

With the amount people that may have been neutral, they have pushed them away with their nutty liberal noise. So, it looks like you’re pushing that to eight years. Thank you, brilliant, liberal logic.

First Amendment; double standard

Just a month ago liberals prevented our new Secretary of Education from entering a D.C. public middle school.

Her right to speak was denied by probably paid, Soros demonstrators. So apparently, the first amendment only applies to liberals. Seriously, living where this billboard disgraces the highway, Grand Avenue is considered by many a highway. They drive on it as it was by going 60 mph and more to crossover town. We’ll just have to avoid that part of the city so we don’t toss our cookies. Avoid the liberal’s one-way street and double standards, stay home.