Bernie Sanders just shared a tweet regarding the ongoing talk about planned parenthood possibly being defunded and many of his followers are in an uproar. As the American people await the upcoming replacement of Obamacare, Sanders took to Twitter, where he proceeded to share a number of tweets, one of which slammed Republicans for their potential plan to defund Planned Parenthood.

"Republicans talk a whole lot about choice but want to defund Planned Parenthood, where 2.5 million Americans choose to get health care," he wrote to his followers on March 24.

Right away, pro-lifers attacked the Senator for his reported support of a place that "murders babies."

Is Bernie Sanders' tweet factual?

While Planned Parenthood has claimed to offer prenatal care for women around the country, there have been numerous investigations into the issue and in a recent video shared by Live Action, several different locations were contacted in regard to their alleged prenatal care and informed their caller that they did not offer care to women who were moving forward with their pregnancies. One location also admitted that their public message of planning for parenthood is deceiving.

In total, only 5 locations out of the 97 contacted offered the prenatal care that their CEO, Cecile Richards, claimed so many depend on in 2011 and one location even claimed they do "just" abortions.

Bernie Sanders gets called out on Twitter

After sharing his tweet, one user pointed out that the Senator should call his local Planned Parenthood and ask if they offer the care he spoke of. "Spoilers: they don't," the user wrote. Another Twitter user pointed out that abortions are not healthcare and suggested Sanders pay for the procedures himself.

"Killing a live baby inside you because birth control was inconvenient isn't healthcare," someone added.

"What choice does the American taxpayer have in funding abortions?" another asked Bernie Sanders in reference to his tweet. "None if the [government] funds [Planned Parenthood]. Don't virtue signal. Do your job."