White House journalist April Ryan says she was surprised, when her daughter asked if she knew former democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had been discussing her. Clinton on yesterday, spoke to The Professional Business Women of California. She brought up White House press secretary Sean Spicer''s response to questions Ms. Ryan was asking. Spicer became irate,and told Ryan to stop shaking her head. Hillary Clinton, said this was just another example of sexist attitudes towards women.

On CNN, there was a heated exchange last night between host Don Lemon and a panel of reporters who were discussing Spicer and Ryan.This situation seems to have everyone up in arms, except the one person who should have been offended, the veteran reporter herself.

April Ryan says she understands Sean Spicer

In an interview yesterday on MSNBC, Ms.Ryan did not say that she was offended by the press secretary. She said that although she was road kill for the day, she understood Sean Spicer. Ryan pointed out that as White House press secretary, it's Spicer's job to spin things. She said he is supposed to make the administration he works for look good. On CNN Ryan told Anderson Cooper that she understood that Spicer was stressed.

Sean Spicer certainly is in the hot seat. Day after day he must stand in front of reporters and camera's defending President Trump. Spicer sticks to his story, and defends the POTUS, as a good press secretary should. It is unfortunate that the stress is getting to him, and that April Ryan was the most recent target of his distress.

And so it continues

April Ryan a 20 year D.C. veteran, says she will continue to ask the tough questions, because that's her job. Mr. Spicer although a relative newcomer to the Washington scene, will no doubt also continue to do the job that he has been hired to do. Ryan will keep asking the questions and Spicer will keep spinning situations and information to shine a positive light on the Trump administration. The saga will continue and probably sooner rather than later, these two will once again clash.