Hillary Clinton has returned to the forefront, from the months of silence after losing the 2016 election. Not much has been seen of her, except when she is out walking with her husband, Bill. Americans wondered when Hillary would come back to the limelight, and on Tuesday afternoon she did just that.

The former Secretary of State finally was the speaker, for the Professional Business Women of California. She was championing women's rights, as she addressed sexism and structural barriers that daily confront females, but are often hard to spot. And she had two very recent examples to draw upon.

Clinton defends two prominent women

Yesterday Fox News host Bill O'Reilly was shown a video of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, as she spoke of seeking to have President Donald Trump impeached. O'Reilly remarked that he did not hear what Ms. Water s was saying because he was wondering why she was wearing James Brown's wig. Clinton said it was racist of O'Reilly to taunt the congresswoman because of her hair.

Hillary Clinton also mentioned the exchange that had taken place later in the day, between Whitehouse press secretary Sean Spicer and Veteran reporter April Ryan. During a press Spicer defended became agitated by the questions coming from Ryan, At one point Spicer very rudely told to her, "stop shaking your head.

again." The former presidential candidate said Spicer had cut Ryan off without answering her questions, and "patronized" her. Mrs. Clinton defended both women, saying they were simply "just doing their jobs."

Where will she go from here?

Although Mrs. Clinton has kept a low profile in recent months, President Trump has continued to keep her name front and center.

Most recently he implied that Hillary and husband Bill had been colluding with the Russians. The Clintons did not even dignify that comment with a response.

Nothing was said in California, regarding the future aspirations of the former first lady. That will no doubt come in time. What is evident however is that she is back. And in whatever direction she finds herself in the future, Hillary Clinton will be no doubt continue championing the rights of women.