The Fanboy wars between Samsung and Apple users might be about to begin anew. If rumors turn out to be true, the next Galaxy and iPhone will look extremely similar to each other, both with curved screens and thin bezels, almost inviting comparisons between the two.

Apple and Samsung's role reversal

After Samsung was brought to court in 2011 due to its copying of Apple systems, it looks like this time around Apple will be the one following their lead.

Rumors have surfaced describing the next iPhone as having a curved OLED screen and lacking a physical home button – a very similar description to leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy S8, and fuel for the fire of the fanboy wars.

Similarities might spark fanboy wars

Of course, the design will have its differences, as the iPhone will probably continue to look like an iPhone, and unlike the Galaxy's rumored 3.5mm jack, Apple is likely to continue its commitment to wireless headphones.

The new curved screen might end up dictating the camera placement on the next iPhone. The small top bezel will make it so there might be less room to house the internal camera components, which could force Apple to move the camera to the middle of the backside, similarly to where most Android phones have theirs.

Where the similarities end

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing a special edition of the next iPhone as a celebration of the phone's 10th anniversary – a device rumored to have the curved screen.

WSJ reports that the device will cost $1000, which is $350 more than the price of an iPhone 7 and $200 more than the price of a Samsung S7 edge.

If Samsung follows its current pricing scheme, the iPhone will be at a different price point despite the rumored design similarities.

Possible surprises

Both Apple and Samsung could have surprises up their sleeves in terms of capabilities.

But the 'Samsung vs Apple' debate often focuses on design rather than capabilities, and by the looks of it, both devices will be very similar in that regard.

The next Galaxy phone is set to be announced in a special New York City event on March 29th, whereas Apple usually announces new iPhones in September. By hearing about the Galaxy much earlier, fans of Samsung will undoubtedly have words to say about how Apple is copying their favored brand. Fanboy wars will certainly be fierce.