On Tuesday, samsung galaxy S8 photos leaked on the Internet. The latest pictures show the on screen features and functions. The new phone is expected to hit the market in March 2017.

The latest pictures that are circulating all over the internet show the new Samsung phone with the “always on display” mode. To make it easy for the user to operate, the familiar home button will be replaced with a super wide infinity screen in the Galaxy S8.

This is the first time ever pictures were leaked with the phone turned on. This allowed getting a good look at what the home screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 will look like.

The leaked pictures also give a glimpse of an extra front facing camera on the left hand side. The images have proved that Samsung is going for a design that focuses on taking selfies.

Two models boast larger screen

According to leaked specs, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a larger screen size of 6.2 inches, wireless charging and an iris scanner at the back. It will also have 6GB of RAM, a big battery, a dual lens camera and an iris scanner. The new smartphones are estimated to be well received in the market after the great reception of the S7 and S7 Edge late last year.

According to unconfirmed reports, Samsung is planning to launch two models of the S8, both having dual edged curved display just like the S7 Edge.

According to reports published in the Guardian, the two models will be Dream and Dream 2, but Dream will be smaller when compared to Dream 2.

Sony batteries

After the recent Galaxy 7 debacle in which the mobile had battery problems and exploded due to overheating, Samsung has signed a deal with Sony to supply batteries for their new model.

Samsung already has two battery suppliers in Amperex Technology and Samsung SDI. Adding a third battery supplier proves that Samsung is very serious about the quality of the battery and is trying its best to regain the lost trust of Samsung smartphone users.

The leaked photos of Samsung Galaxy S8 have increased the expectations of people; all eyes are now on the release date, tentatively scheduled for March 29th.