THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is a deep penetration missile Defense system. The USA and North Korea have announced that this weapon system will be deployed in south Korea to counter the ICBM threat from North Korea. The proposed deployment has alarmed both china and Russia. On Thursday the Russian ambassador to South Korea called the positioning of the system as a threat to the region. This was the third time the ambassador had articulated such views in as many weeks.

Opposition of China

China has also objected to the operationalization of the system.

Both the nations have reiterated their serious concern on the deployment. The statement opposing the deployment was released at the end of the 6th China-Russia consultation on the security situation in Northeast Asia. The last meeting was held on Thursday and was co-chaired by Assistant Foreign Minister of China Kong Xuanyou and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov.

North Korea a proxy

Both the nations are worried because of theX-band radar incorporated in the system that can peer deep into China and Siberia. But at the same time, they are not making any attempt to rein the missile program of the North Korean dictator. Knowledgeable observers feel North Korea is a proxy for China. Kim Jong is serving China's purpose to keep the pot boiling and create tension for the USA and South Korea.

The USA and South Korea are going ahead with the deployment after North Korea tested its ICBM. It's a matter of time before Kim Jong has an ICBM to reach the American coast. This will obviously delight China.The deployment of the defense system has also angered many in South Korea who are demonstrating against the deployment of THAAD.

China-Russia axis

In the meantime, both China and Russia are ganging up against the USA. Both countries have decided to coordinate their efforts to oppose the USA and Japan in East Asia. The Russian and Chinese navy has also carried out joint Naval exercises in the South China sea. Both nations have also decided to take further countermeasures against the proposed deployment of the THAAD system.

Donald Trump has just completed his first month in office and it will be interesting to watch how he counters the China-Russia axis in East Asia