The ‘resistance” to President Donald Trump has come in many strange forms, including women going out in public wearing clothing made up of lady parts and people pretending to be characters from ”Star Wars.” Now some members from the Wiccan community, a group of people who follow a kind of pagan religion that believes in witchcraft, have decided to weigh in. Shortly they intend to Cast A Spell against Trump and his supporters. Most who will admit to making this claim that they are doing something called a “binding spell” that will prevent the president and his people from doing harm to himself and to others.

This approach is fortunate because in some Wiccan traditions the attempt to use magic as an aggressive act will blow back on the user three-fold.

Mind, someone should alert J. K. Rowling to this idea. In “The Harry Potter” books the wizarding world scrupulously avoids intervening in Muggle (i.e. human) affairs except to make themselves known to presidents and prime ministers to inform them of their existence.

In any case, the whole idea of a “binding spell” to stop Trump and people who support him from doing harm seems to be an incredibly bad idea. People are scurrying about who need damage done to them. ISIS terrorists come to mind. Gang banging criminals are another group. Individuals who talk at the theater are yet another.

A scenario suggests itself. A group of ISIS terrorists descend upon a Wiccan coven, take the members hostage, and proceed to torture them to death. The police SWAT team shows up and then trouble starts.

“Sir, I can’t move! It’s as if a magic spell is stopping me!”

“Oh, right, I remember now, Murphy, you voted for Clinton didn’t you?

It looks like it’s all up to you now…”

One bright spot of this story is that a group of Christian ministers is going to pray to the Lord on behalf of President Trump and his supporters to protect them from harm. Once again the followers of the One True Faith, as it were, are going to rally to prevent an ill-considered act by folks who follow the Old Religion from causing havoc.