The Trump administration has rescinded a rule handed down by the Obama White House that mandated that public schools allow students to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with and not the one that biology assigned them to. While the media is screaming that this decision is an atrocity on the scale of repealing the Civil Rights Act, it merely returns things to the way they were before President Obama decided to indulge in some overreaching social engineering.

That is not to say that the argument is over. A number of state and local governments, not to mention school districts, will likely want to be fair to students who claim to be transgendered and allow them to use whichever bathroom that want.

Some government entities, perhaps possessed of more common sense than usual, will install unisex bathrooms with locks on the door to accommodate everyone no matter what gender they are, real or assumed.

The controversy was a contrived one to begin with, cooked up to distract people from real issues such as the bad economy or the threat of terrorism. The specter of sexual predators using the rule to lurk in the girl’s room was a real one as was the hypocrisy of people who supported “bathroom equity.” The same people who want students to have “safe spaces” against any opinion or action that they find uncomfortable would deny them to people performing one of nature’s most intimate acts. If one objected to the idea of a man using the same bathroom as biological women and girls, one was labeled a bigot.

Ironically, the rule and the reaction to people who objected to it are two of many reasons that Donald trump is now president of the United States. In times past, “bathroom equity” would have been regarded universally as insane. Obama and his supporters tried to normalize it and it backfired. Some things, like same sex marriage, can be sold as simple fairness. In the greater scheme of things, what did it matter if two men or two women choose to marry? But the bathroom gambit was a step too far.