Mainstream media analysts have been describing the rise of Donald Trump as the public anger and widespread political discontentment with the status quo, especially the neo-liberalism—ideology serving as the core socio-political and socio-economic ideology shaping lives of billions of humans across the globe—in recent years. Amidst the political and intellectual discourse on the post-Trump phenomenon, several analysts are calling Trump as the stubborn child of the neo-liberals because he is closely aligned with the Wall Street due to shared economic interests and other business giants.

Fabricated enemy is counted as blessing

Trump has always accused neo-liberalism as the core enemy of national interest because massive globalization, on-going free trade, increasing immigration, and pro-rights movements have always been regarded as the fundamental tangents of the neo-liberalism. These primary areas have been widely targeted by the Trump and his aides during the presidential campaign. The enemy and critic that should have been the opponent of this ideology have been replaced by Donald J. Trump who always prefers his business interests located all over the world gaining numerous benefits from primary tangents of globalization. Trump has successfully blocked all the channels of genuine opposition with the help of global business enterprises and labeling as the enemy of neo-liberalism by the mainstream corporate media.

Hillary Clinton was the open supporter of the neo-liberalism, but Trump had been posing himself as the enemy of neo-liberals in Washington D.C. Dichotomy has been created by Trump because he presented himself as the alternative to neo-liberals while protecting the vital political and economic interests of the centre-right and centre-left leaders.

Trump has failed as the alternative to neo-liberalism

We could assume Trump as the true alternative and real opponent of the neo-liberalism if he had delivered key promises made in the electoral campaign. Vital corporate tax incentives are being given to the corporations, while all other actions of Trump administration are proving as the political stunts instead of turning as the real-time policy changes. Time will act as the gauge to measure the authenticity of my claims, but contemporary indicators are enough to justify my claims.