Buffon is back in the game today after taking a rest in previous games. He missed a chance from Falcao, but after that Bernardo Silva played in an excellent way. Monaco has to do something because they can't afford to give up and important game on Wednesday.

What happened during the match?

Monaco can make a difference in the game if they score better in second half otherwise they won't be able to remain relevant in the game. Dybala, Dani, and Higuain orchestrated excellent team strategy and scored an important goal for their team.

Due to strategy and beautiful team play, Monaco has lost the match in the second half of the game.

Subasic was also active in the game who saved kicks for his game. Mbappe was chopped down by the Dani in a horrific way. Monaco fans were not able to digest it due to timing and execution of the move. Amazing!

Monaco executed all energies in pressing the Buffon, but he retained his position and refuted all the attempts made by forwarding players of Monaco. During this stand-off between Buffon and Monaco players, Juventus players kept their forward positions safe and sound and didn't allow the Monaco players to offer any viable resistance.

Leonardo Jardim was unstoppable

Many things worked in the favor of Monaco, but unstoppable Leonardo Jardim caused irretrievable damage to the Monaco defense line.

He was quick, smart and unstoppable in the match, especially during the second half of the match.

During the semi-final of the UEFA champions league on Wednesday, many things went in the favor of Monaco instead of Juventus. Team lineup, co-ordination, and pre-emptive strikes were carried in an unbelievable way. Forward players were turning themselves into unstoppable jets, while the defense line-up emerged as unmoveable objects.

The free kicks of the Monaco players were also landing beyond the desired proximity.

As far as reality is concerned, everything went wrong for the Monaco. Their gameplan turned into disaster while their strategy was just the fragile exercise. Leonardo Jardim turned the result of the game because he was never debunked or demurred by the Monaco defense.

As far as future games are concerned, Monaco must revisit their game plan, team lineup, and players management. Due to worst team strategy, they lost the crucial semi-final of Uefa Champions League on Wednesday.